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We suggest that you view your BlackMovieFest submission fee like a professional conference registration fee. Further, that you see your Film's screening with us the same as you would your reading a paper at such a professional conference. This is because since BlackMovieFest is actually a short film marketing RETREAT (like in most targeted professional conferences) if you read & follow our Rules and COMPLETE your submission, your Film WILL be Officially Selected.

The BlackMovieFest DIFFERENCE:
> Laser Focused Marketing Strategics for Your Screeening Film
> Increase Your Film Festival Selection Percentage & Number
> Direct Sales Brainstorming for Your Particular Film and MORE

Because a film maker does not get much from a film festival that he or she does not attend, our 40 miles from Los Angeles annual gatherings are more short film marketing desert RETREATS than film festivals!

Further, to even be considered by our Official Selection Committee, submitters must include in their FilmFreeway COVER LETTER proof that they are ready to market their film. That proof includes supplying:
0. or 1. The name and year of your submission’s previous Black film festival Official Selection
2. The Name and Street Address of the marketing representative that would attend your film’s screening plus discuss its marketing plan if your submission is selected
3. The Film’s URL Address with Poster published therein
4. Your Film’s YouTube publically published under 30 second commercial
5. A Promise that your Screening Film will not be available to the public until after its BlackMovieFest screening.

Designed as a Worldwide Black Short Film Competition, this coming Indigenous People’s Holiday weekend (10-12-19) the BlackMovieFest (one word) will hold its 2nd ever Black film maker desert marketing retreat and marketing exploration.

Further this desert film maker marketing retreat is now also offering the new Entering Hollywood ACTOR INTENSIVE 7 Day Residency in support of international talent gaining full-time performance employment. A 90% submission waiver is offered to talent who take part in this Residency.


All BlackMovieFest 2019 TOTALLY COMPLETED submissions will be announced as Semi-Finalists. BlackMovieFest Semi-Finalist movies will receive a laurel indicating that status plus be considered by the BlackMovieFest Official Selection Committee for screening at the Saturday, October 12, 2019 Fest.

1. A BlackMovieFest Official Selection laurel.
2. BlackMovieFest screening on October 12, 2019 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA
3. Celebrity Judges Panel Award Consideration.

The BlackMovieFest Celebrity Judge Panelists will select, prior to the Fest date, up to three (3) Finalists for each of four (4) Categories (Comedy, Drama, Edu~tainment & Family fare movie). BlackMovieFest Finalists will be awarded:
1. A BlackMovieFest Top Black Movie 2019 Finalist laurel.
2. Finalist who have their marketing representative attend the evening’s BlackMovieFest Awards Program will receive a framed official BlackMovieFest 2019 Top Black Movie Finalist Gold Leaf Certificate.
3. By the end of their inaugural year of release, select BlackMovieFest Finalist movies may receive an offer of future monetization and distribution on the soon to be launched

BlackMovieFest Celebrity Judges will also pre-select from among the Finalists the 2019 Top Black Movie in each Category (Comedy, Drama, Edu~tainment & Family). The BlackMovieFest 2019 Top Black Movie in each of the above four (4) Categories will be awarded:
1. A laurel identifying its win.
2. Winners who have their marketing representative attend the evening’s BlackMovieFest Awards Program will be presented with a mated & framed 2019 commemorative printed poster of their Film and its 2019 Top Black Movie win.
3. Each Category winning movie’s executive production company will receive a single FREE 2020 BlackMovieFest submission fee waiver for another of its qualifying movies.
4. By the end of their inaugural year of release, winning movies will receive an offer of future monetization and distribution on the soon to be launched

With their movie’s official marketing representative not being allowed to vote for their own work, the BlackMovieFest GRAND PRIZE will be awarded through audience vote. The singular 2019 BlackMovieFest GRAND PRIZE winner will be awarded:
1. A BlackMovieFest laurel indicating its 2019 win.
2. A Framed BlackMovieFest 2019 GRAND PRIZE Gold Leaf Certificate (only live at the BlackMovieFest Awards Program).
3. An engraved BlackMovieFest 2019 GRAND PRIZE Trophy (later presented live on the Red Carpet of Hollywood’s Indie Night Film Festival or received later in the mail).
4. The BlackMovieFest GRAND PRIZE movie’s executive production company will annually receive a single FREE BlackMovieFest subsequent years submission fee waiver for its other qualifying movies.
5. By the end of its inaugural year of release, the BlackMovieFest GRAND PRIZE movie will receive an offer of future monetization and distribution on the soon to be launched
6. This audience selected Film will also receive multiple Entertainer.Academy Worldwide film festival submissions, where up to $100.00 in submission fees will be paid. Last years winner received a better than 50% Official Selection rate.


NOTE - The FilmFreeway submission Cover Letter button becomes available ONLY after the submission is placed in the Cart

SUBMISSION CRITERIA for the 10-12-19 BlackMovieFest 2nd annual year:

In order to be submitted, all films must be under sixteen (16) minutes in length, including credits.

The submission fee in force during the month that the submission is COMPLETED must be paid in order for a submission to be considered for Semi-Finalist selection. Credit will be given for the amount initially paid through FilmFreeway. The remaining submission amount will be due in the mail by check or money order, paid to the order of Walker Entertainer Academy (WEA). This additional payment must arrive in WEA offices prior to the COMPLETED submission being considered for Semi-Finalist selection.

0. Because BlackMovieFest is more of a film maker marketing retreat than it is a film festival, the first submission QUALIFICATION is to list as #1 in the submission's FilmFreeway COVER LETTER a prior Official Selection & year Selected by one of the World’s Black film festivals (not BUFF) in addition to listing that Selection in its FilmFreeway Screenings/Awards section. Alternatelly, a submitter may list as #1 in their FilmFreeway COVER LETTER the date of their Movie's previous screening at Hollywood's Indie Night Film Festival, New York City's 2018 World Film Fair or that the Work was Released Worldwide at the 2019 Festival de Cannes. BlackMovieFest will require that the listed Black film festival Official Selection be verifiable. Submissions not including this verified Black film festival listing & year of selection in its FilmFreeway COVER LETTER and Screenings/Awards section may be disqualified as an incomplete submission.

2. Listed as #2 in the submission's FilmFreeway COVER LETTER must be the name and the physical STREET ADDRESS of the Film's marketing representative who promises to attend your Movie’s total screening block, if it is Officially Selected by BlackMovieFest. If this street address is not supplied in the submission’s COVER LETTER, that submission may be disqualified as incomplete.

3. Listed as #3 in the submission COVER LETTER must be the URL web address of the submitted movie’s already published Short Film entry with POSTER. If this IMDb page web address is not supplied in the submission’s COVER LETTER, that submission may be disqualified as incomplete.

4. PRIOR to submission, the movie's under 30 seconds in length COMMERCIAL must already be published publicly on Submitter is required to supply in its COVER LETTER the YouTube web address of the film's COMMERCIAL. If this YouTube address is not supplied in its COVER LETTER the submission may be disqualified as incomplete.

5. Other than works available through or http:/, starting with the Movie’s BlackMovieFest submission date, until October 13, 2019, the submitted short film must be available to the public ONLY through screening at other live, limited number of dates film festivals and/or through a code protected online video post. Please include in your COVER LETTER a statement that the submitted Film will not be available to the public prior to its BlackMovieFest screening. Further, BlackMovieFest will give Official Selection preference to submissions that use that Vimeo code protected post as a linked screener on their FilmFreeway submission platform. Exceptions to the BlackMovieFest public accessibility rule will be made on a case-by-case basis. Please send to email@Entertainer.Academy the submission’s reason for needing to be such an exception.

6. In order for BlackMovieFest Officially Selected movies to be screened, the submission’s Blu-Ray disk must arrive at the BlackMovieFest address (9200 Milliken Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-8511) by September 2, 2019. Alternatively, the Movie’s highest quality completed under sixteen (16) minute digital copy must be emailed as a attachment to email@Entertainer.Academy within one single week of the submitted Movie’s Semi-Finalist delineation announcement. Any submission may become disqualified if BlackMovieFest has not received the submitted movie by at least one of the above two deadlines.

7. Each BlackMovieFest movie screening with a representative in attendance during their movie’s total block will be followed by an up to five (5) minute marketing discussion period. This allows after movie viewing marketing discussions to be much fresher and on point, since no one attending will have to struggle to remember any particular work's content.

8. For 2019, as many as twenty-seven (27) short films will be screened at the BlackMovieFest public live event during Indigenous People’s Holiday weekend in Rancho Cucamonga, CA during the full October 12, 2019 day and evening.

9. No refunds.

Ajene D. Washington, Workshop Coordinator NEW FEDERAL THEATRE - NYC
Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker, Professor Emeritus SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY RADIO, TV, FILM & THEATRE DEPT.
Contact Information Displayed publicly

Solamonte Movie Theaters
9200 Milliken Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-8511
United States

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