意大利金声音电影节 Voce Spettacolo Film Festival

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The Italian Golden Sound Film Festival is the first film festival held in Matera, southern Italy. Matera was rated as the European Capital of Culture in 2019. Due to the magnificent landscape, many films were filmed here, which promoted Local film industry. The Golden Sound Film Festival was founded by Italian actor, founder and chairman of the VOCE spectacolo cultural association Walter Nicoletti. The film festival will be held in the "Il Piccolo" cinema in Matera, screening selected award-winning films.

VSFF wants to hold a celebration of all movies from all over the world. The jury will be composed of industry professionals whose mission is to discover a new generation of filmmakers who will win the opportunity to present their projects and talents on our website www.vocespettacolo.com.

The VOCE SPETTACOLO Golden Sound Film Festival is organized by VOCE spectacolo, a cultural association located in the Italian capital of Matera.


VOCE SPETTACOLO FILM FESTIVAL is the first film festival of Matera (Italy), European Capital of Culture 2019, founded by the President Walter Nicoletti, italian actor and founder of Voce Spettacolo. The Festival will take place at Cinema “Il Piccolo” in Matera with live screenings of selected films.

The VSFF wants to celebrates cinema and all films coming from all over the world. The jury will be compose by industry professionals and the mission will be to discover new generations of filmmakers, who will win the opportunity to show their projects and talent also on our website www.vocespettacolo.com.

VOCE SPETTACOLO FILM FESTIVAL has been organized by "Voce Spettacolo", a Cultural Association based in Matera, European Capital.



After the live broadcast of the festival, the winners will receive our digital version of the certificate and display it on our website for a full year, as well as our best media partners:

- Oscar
- The Walt Disney Company
- Paramount Pictures
- Warner Bros.
-2OTH Century Fox
- Grammy
- Via Comcast International
- Marvel
- Warner Music
- Sony Music
- Rey
-Mediaset Media Group

Main competition awards

– Best film
– Best short film
– Best documentary
– Best animation
– Best music video
– Best drone video
– Best website
– Best trailer

Second category awards

– Best actor/actress
– Best director
– Best producer
– Best editor
– Best script
– Best costume
– Best scene design
– Best visual effect
– Best photography
– Best original music
– Best poster

*For the second category of awards, we need to obtain and confirm the name of the winner by email (vocespettacolo@gmail.com).


The VOCE SPETTACOLO Golden Sound Film Festival is organized by "VOCE SPETTACOLO", a cultural association headquartered in Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019.

After live scrennings, the winners will receive our Certificate in digital format for printing and then they will appear on our website for all the year to be showned to our best media friends:

– The AMPAS (The Oscars)
– The Walt Disney Company
– Paramount Pictures
– Warner Bros.Pictures
– 2oth Century Fox
– The Grammy’s
– Viacom International
– Marvel
– Warner Music
– Sony Music
– Rai
– Mediaset
– Sky


– Best Film
– Best Short
– Best Documentary
– Best Animation
– Best Music Video
– Best Drone Video
– Best WebSerie
– Best Trailer


– Best Actor/Actress
– Best Director
– Best Producer
– Best Editing
– Best Script
– Best Costumes
– Best Scenography
– Best Visual Effects
– Best Photography
– Best Original Soundtrack
– Best Poster

*For the secondary awards we need to receive the name by email (vocespettacolo@gmail.com).


V OCE SPETTACOLO FILM FESTIVAL has been organized by “Voce Spettacolo”, a Cultural Association based in Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019 and will be held in Matera on June 2019.


1) The Italian Golden Sound Film Festival only accepts feature films, short films, puns, animations, music videos, drone videos, web videos and trailers with English subtitles.

2) globalfilmway.com will notify the director/producer/user of the choice of the film and then be allowed to use the official film festival logo in his entry.

3) The Italian Golden Sound Film Festival reserves the right to refuse submission. The film festival jury can delete any item at any time, or during competitions and ceremonies.

4) All items submitted to the Golden Sound Film Festival through the website will not be refunded.

5) The travel expenses and living expenses for participating in the film festival shall be borne by the director/producer/user.


7) 组委会目前和将来只能将这些拷贝用于文化和非营利目的,并可以挑选影片片段在金声音电影节之前、期间和之后由媒体与公共机构、媒体、学校等合作进行宣传。
a) 全面的传播工作(不受任何权利或其他赔偿的限制),使影片尽可能地交给可能需要它的机构处理。
b) 视频播放展示给与会代表、记者、观察员、组委会邀请的专家。
c) 将影片副本存放在Voce Spettacolo声势电影节组委会中央档案馆,专门用于研究、文献和机构用途。

8) 导演/制片人/用户必须声明对作品内容及权利负责。参赛者将被视为对在电影节上展示作品后提出的任何损害赔偿或退款要求或索赔负有直接责任。

9) 组委会有权在节日期间使用参加者的名字进行宣传活动。

a) 低质量视频
b) 业余视频和智能手机视频
c) 政治和宗教录像
(d) 性爱录像
(e) 录像带

11) 金声音电影节的主要奖项有:最佳剧情片、最佳短片、最佳纪录片、最佳动画、最佳音乐视频、最佳无人机视频、最佳网络剧、最佳预告片。


13) 金声音电影节可以在任何时候从比赛中删除选定的项目。

14) 您同意赔偿Voce Spettacolo Film Festival意大利金声音电影节涉及版权、商标、信用、宣传、放映的任何及所有索赔、责任、损失、损害和费用,以及提交和选择的放映视频的损失或损害。

15) 通过将项目提交给Voce Spettacolo金声音电影节,导演/制片人/用户理解并接受这些要求、规则和条例。

VOCE SPETTACOLO FILM FESTIVAL has been organized by “Voce Spettacolo”, a Cultural Association based in Matera, European Capital of Culture.

1) Voce Spettacolo Film Festival accept Feature films, Short, Doumentary, Animation, Music Video, Drone Video, WebSeries and Trailer only with english subtitles.

2) The director/Producer/User will be notified the official selection by globalfilmway and then he will can use the official festival Laurel’s on his project.

3) Voce Spettacolo Film Festival reserves the right to refuse submissions. The Festival jury can remove any projects at any moment, also during the competition and ceremony.

4) All projects submitted with globalfilmway to Voce Spettacolo Film Festival are non-refundable.

5) Travel and living expenses are charged by the Director/Producer/User.

6) All projects submitted and selected (including trailer,teaser,poster,pressbook ecc) will be published on our website www.vocespettacolo.com and on our social media.

7) The copies are and will be used by the Organizing Committee only for cultural, non-profit purposes and the best sequences may be broadcast by media as promotion before, during and after “Voce Spettacolo Film Festival” also in collaboration with Public Institutions, Media, Schools, etc.
– You authorizes:
a) the widest broadcasting of the work (that is not subjected to any right or other indemnity) making it as easy as possible for the work to be put at the disposal of the institutions that may require it.
b) the vision of the video to delegates, credited journalists, observers, experts invited by the Organizing Committee.
c) the deposit of the copies of the production in the Central Archives of the Voce Spettacolo Film Festival Organizing Committee, to be used exclusively for study, documentation and institutional purposes.

8) The Director/Producer/User must declares to acted in the respect of dispositions of the cine-television rights. The participants will be considered directly responsible for any request or claim for damages or refund coming after the presentation of the work at the Festival.

9) The Organizing Committee grants the right to use the participants’ names at the Festival, for its own promotional activity.

10) Voce Spettacolo Film Festival does not accept:
a) Low quality Video
b) Amateur video and smartphone video
c) Political and religious video
d) Sex video
e) Racials video

11) The Voce Spettacolo Film Festival’s Primary Awards are : Best Feature, Best Short, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Music Video, Best Drone Video, Best WebSeries, Best Trailer.

12) The Voce Spettacolo Film Festival Secondary Awards are: Best Director, Best Producer, Best Actor/Actress, Best Scenography, Best Costumes, Best Visual Effects, Best Photography, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Poster.

13) Voce Spettacolo Film Festival can remove the selected projects from the competition at any time.

14) You agree to indemnify Voce Spettacolo Film Festival, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos submitted and selected.

15) By submitting the project to Voce Spettacolo Film Festival the Director/Producer/User understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations.

Walter Nicoletti - Festival Founder, President
Vito Nicoletti - Festival Co-Director
Michele Valente - Festival Co-Director

Taranto, 5
Matera, Basilicata, 75100

Via Taranto, 5
Matera, Basilicata 75100

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